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Lake Minnetonka Fishing Guides

Premier Guided Fishing Trips

Our personalized fishing charters are tailored to your fishing experience. Turn moments into lifelong memories with each trip designed to provide more than just a fishing outting but an exceptional experience to remember.

Lake Minnetonka Fishing Charters

Diverse Species

Lake Minnetonka teems with a variety of fish, offering a full spectrum of angling excitement. With opportunities to catch Bass, Northern Pike, and Panfish, the lake supports a rich and varied fish population. Seasonal shifts bring Walleye and Musky into the mix when the Spring and Fall primetime begin.

Musky Guide Trips

Seasonal Species: Musky & Walleye

As fall's cool settles on the lake, Walleyes and Muskies become increasingly aggressive, providing prime conditions for ambitious anglers. At RĒL Fishing, we’re equipped to guide you through these peak seasons, with expert knowledge on habitat, behavior, and the most effective techniques to land these impressive fish.

Minnetonka Fishing Guide Trips

High-Tech Gear & Accessories

We curate an arsenal of elite gear ranging from ultra-sensitive rods to advanced sonar units. This tech not only improves catch rates but also enriches the angling experience. With us, your tackle box is filled with the latest lures and plastics. Each selected not just for their effectiveness, but for their ability to provide that perfect presentation that Lake Minnetonka's fish are waiting to chop at.

Minnesota Fishing Charters

Customize Fishing Trips

Whether you're a seasoned angler or casting for the first time, we've got you covered! 

  • Standard Excursions: Perfect for casual outings or those new to angling.

  • Extended Day Trips: Ideal for the more serious angler looking to maximize their time on the water.

  • Species-Specific Pursuits: Focus on the fish you want, from Bass to Muskies.

  • Seasonal Specials: Time your trip for peak action with Walleye and Musky runs.

Unbeatable On-Water Experiences

Join REL Fishing for a day on the water and you'll realize why our trips are unlike any other. We provide a hands-on, educational approach to angling, ensuring the ultimate fishing experience.

With us, every cast carries the potential for creating memories and every strike ignites a story waiting to be told. Experience Lake Minnetonka and all it offers with Britney and Brett who live to share their fishing passion with others.

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Our Guide Trips

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