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Lake of The Woods Walleye Fishing - July 2020

It was a successful week up at Lake of The Woods fishing for Walleyes in late July!

We used a variety of tactics to target these fish but trolling lead core cranks out in the deep basins produced the biggest fish for us.

The biggest fish caught was Britney's 30-inch Walleye using a purple colored Rapala Deep Husky Jerk - 12. We managed to land a number of fish between 28-30 in using this type of set up.

In the beginning, we tried using your natural-colored lures but had no luck. Once we switched over to brighter colored lures, it seems that is what triggered them to bite, the fishing turned on and we started pulling in some monsters!

Trolling Details

Depth: 32-34 ft

Lure: Rapala Deep Husky Jerk - 12 (most success for the biggest fish landed!)

Color: Bright Colors (Purple, custom-colored raps)

We also did some snap jigging in 20-24 ft of water with puppet minnows and were able to land some nice walleyes, again using the brighter colors purple and burnt orange to trigger them.

You can check out the action in our latest video here:

Hopefully these tips can help you land some of those big mommas on your next trip up to Lake of The Woods!

As always, remember to check your drag-


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