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Lake Minnetonka July Fishing Report: Deep Mid-Lake Structure

Well the water temperatures are not where they typically would be in July, it has not stopped the bass from moving out to find deeper waters.

We have been finding bigger bass on the outside weed edges off mid-lake structure in 20-23ft.


Tactics & Baits

Ned rigs have still been a strong tactic to pick up bigger bass and some nice 30in+ Norther Pikes.

Work it SLOW. This time of year, less is more. Give a few little twitches and rips, then let that bait just sit.

The bite has been very light so give it some time before hitting your set.


High Sun - Bright Colors

Overcast - Natural

Also try throwing a skirted Ned rig out!

Bass inhales Crush City Ned Rig


If the bite is slow and your fishing that 15-18ft of water - push out and hit that deeper water. If you think your fishing too deep, your probably not!

Find those weed edges in 20-24ft and you should be able to get on top of some bigger Bass and Northern Pike!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July Week!

Always remember - check your drag.

Brit & Brett

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