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The Bass are Moving Out!

With the warm front we had over the weekend, the water temps on Lake Minnetonka are finally pushing over 70 degrees and the bass are moving out of the shallows!

Fishing The Breaklines

The majority of Bass are still hanging off shorelines between 12-16 feet of water. Some mid-lake structures have been productive, those closer off the breaklines from shore but you will find most of them in that transition point right now.

Fire Up The Bite with Bright Colors

Ned rigs and dropshots have been producing some bigger fish this past weekend. Natural colors have been good but bright colors have really been the ticket for quantity and quality.

Ned Rig

Chartreuse Ned Head with a bright plastic.

My favorite plastics right now have been:

Drop Shots

The drop shot bite is here! Again, bight colors have been effective on this set up as well.

Suggestion: Purple, Purple & Purple.

Good Luck out there and Always Remeber - Check Your Drag.

Britney & Brett

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