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Bass Are Still Hanging Shallow

As the water temps heat up, the bass have yet to push out of the shallows. We are still finding them in 10 feet or less. The weed growth out to those break lines has been a bit slower this year.

There is a bit of weeding through the smaller ones but we are picking up some better Bass mixed in with them.

My GO-TO Tactics for Targeting Bass Right Now


My number one go to right now are Jerkbaits. These bass have been smashing them on that

pause - working them aggressively then holding longer on that pause with a few fast rips and one or two slow rips in-between should get them triggered for you (check out the video below)

These are my favorite Jerkbaits to throw right now:

COLORS: Albino Shiner, Yellow Perch & Bone


BODY LENGTH: 4-3/8" (SDR11)

BOUYANCY : Slow Sinking

Ned Rigs

Tried & True. Rippin' those neds threw the weeds with a slow drag has proven to be very effective to pull out those bigger bass laying on the bottom in those thick, dense weeds up shallow right now.

My hot bite color is STILL going strong. The black on black combo. Black Ned Head (1/8 to 1/4 OZ) with almost any black plastic (if I run out of my Z-Man Yoga Pants TRD - I will find a black jig worm or Big TRD, cut it down a bit and it works just the same)

We tried the new Northland Eye-Candy Jig Crawler today - Brett had a Black Ned Head with the Natural Core color and I was using...Black. Both were effective either working them jigging or dragging. (Yes, technically, they are walleye plastics but the bass seem to like them as well) Below are a few catches from this morning working these baits.

COLORS: Natural Core & Black


BOUYANCY : Northland's Super TPE formula is buoyant, super flexible and gives lifelike action


If you're in SUPER dense weeds, try throwing out a Wacky Rig and give it slow lifts, letting it fall back down working it slowly back to the boat. (I like to give my nail weight a little extra flare with Rapala's NKS Neko Skirt)

With the water temps on the rise, these fish will be moving out to the mid-teens soon...we will keep you posted! But for now, try some of these tactics and see if they work for you!!

Always remember...check your drag-

Brit & Brett

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