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Late-May Bass Fishing

Updated: May 20

Lake Minnetonka Fishing Report

Minnesota Fishing Opener is officially here! I will be posting weekly fishing reports for Lake Minnetonka this season to help you stay on top of the fish and what tactics we are using to land them!

Fishing Report | May 17th 2023

The Bass are still spawning, laying up in thick weeds.

Depth: Shallow, shallow, shallow! I had the boat positioned from 6-9ft casting into the shallow weeds

Tactics: Ned Rig, Wacky Rig


Ned Rig - Black head w/ a dark Z-Man TRD (above photo is Yoga Pants)

Wacky Rig - X-Zone plastic w/nail weight (green, translucent color)

Weather Conditions

Water Temp: 61 degrees

Wind: 10-12mph


Temp: 65-70 degrees

We will continue to keep you posted on our fishing reports weekly!

Always remember - check your drag.

Brit & Brett

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