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Early Summer Bass: Lake Minnetonka Fishing Report

After this long spring, we are excited to be back out on Lake Minnetonka Fishing for Bass! We have your early summer report on where to find them and what has been the most productive baits we have been using to target them.

Shallow Waters

The water temps are still hovering around 64 degrees. You will find some areas already having dense weeds in deeper waters but the bass are still hanging out 10 feet or less off shorelines.

Most of these fish have yet to move to any mid-lake structure.

Look for areas along the shore with good weed growth, positioning your boat around 10 feet and working down those shorelines.


Baits and Tactics

There are 2 baits I love to throw this time of year that these Minnetonka bass just absolutely crush.

Jerk Baits

My favorite jerk bait to throw at Minnetonka bass is Rapala's Shadow Rap Deep.

Dives: 4-8ft

Tactic: After ripping it, I like to give it a long pause. If you work it too fast, you can easily miss going right over a lot of bass.

Neko Rig

Plastics & Colors

I have been throwing X-Zones 5" stick baits and finding these colors to be the most productive.

True Center Stick 5" (Green Pumpkin Blue Flake)

Slow, long lifts up with some small pops mixed in gets these Minnetonka bass triggered to bite. More times than not, the strike comes after I have let it settle for a few seconds at the bottom.


You can never go wrong with a Ned Rig. Toss it up into those shallow weeds working it back either above the tops or ripping it across the bottom.

We will have another bass fishing update next week as the water temps start to warm up here so stay tuned.

Always Remember - Check Your Drag.

Britney & Brett

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