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Lake Minnetonka Fishing Report - Largemouth Bass

Late Summer Bass Fishing is Here!

The water temps are starting to cool off but the bass have still been wanting that slower presentation - so slowing things down with long jig worms and drop shots has been key to triggering the bite.

Bass Fishing Lake Minnetonka

Baits & Tactics

Bait Choice #1: JIG WORM

  • Long jig worms with yellow jig heads (Ned or Jig Heads work - just something that has a longer shank)

  • Top color choice: Anything purple or with a purple tint/accent

How we have been working them:

Casting them out, letting them sink to the bottom and slowly working it through the weeds back to the boat with long drags, small pops and holding - they typically have been hitting after a little action and then letting it sit after

Or if you are working thick weed cover, ripping that jig worm through the weeds and reeling down quick for another pop - the bass have been striking as your ripping it up and pulling through those thicker weeds.

Bait Choice #2: DROP SHOT

Again, a slower presentation, not over working those shakes but giving it a few pops and holding, letting the bait sit in that strike zone as you hold still.

Same color choice - purple or plastic that has a purple tint to it

Lastly, location.

We have been position our boat either on the outside of those weedlines on right on the weedline between 15-23ft (depending on the weather conditions how deep we are fishing) working it deep in the weeds or working that bait on the outside the weedline to target any bass that are sitting right on the edge/drop off.

I hope you find these tips helpful to land more bass this late summer bite!

Always remember...check your drag-



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