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Minnesota Fishing Opener 2022 | Lake Mille Lacs

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Open Water Season is Finally Here!

We spent the 2022 Minnesota Fishing Opener on Lake Mille Lacs at our favorite resort on the lake that we have been going to for many years now, Castaways. Great people and always a ton of fun!

As we waited for the clock to strike midnight, we scouted out the area we planned to start in, marking several walleyes on the side imaging. It was going to be a banner night of landing walleyes!

2:15am: Not a single walleye

We continued to mark them on the side imaging, but they were just not wanting to bite – switching up our cranks several times, trolling between 7-10ft in warmer waters (around 54 degrees) on the North end shoreline.

2:30am: Fish On!

With the water temps still pretty cool, we shot further down the shoreline on the Northside, away from the boats that were starting to crowd in and found some warmer water (around 58 degrees) and started trolling in 8ft. Finally, we landed the first one of the night! Not long after, we picked up a couple more.

My "blinded by Brett's headlamp" face mixed with FINALLY A WALLEYE!

When the sun began to rise, we switched over to snap jigging – again, not much luck in the early morning hours. Brett landed a nice 23in walleye but nothing to write home about after that.

Frustrated but determined, we decided to head in to make a new game plan and let some boats clear off the lake before heading back out.

New Plan

We changed up our strategy and it paid off:

  • Depth Change: 5-6ft

  • Slab Raps

  • Shallow Diving Husky Jerks (pictured below)


(Find them HERE)

We used a slow presentation with slab raps throughout the late afternoon and evening hours.

When the sun went down, we switched over to trolling husky jerks in 5ft.

That afternoon and evening was very productive for us as we managed to land a number of walleyes in those few hours.

In the end, I would call our 2022 MN Fishing Opener a successful one!


We don’t typically target Northerns, but this is a fish to appreciate!

Lake Mille Lacs Fishing Opener 2022

Wanna see some of the action from opening weekend?

Check out our video below:

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